Mark Leveridge Lecture

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Irvington United Methodist Church

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About Mark Leveridge

Mark is a full time professional magician, dealer and author with a wide performing experience gained over many years as an entertainer.

Mark has presented his lectures at nearly every Society in Great Britain and has appeared on the bill at most of the major conventions including the IBM, Blackpool and Macmillan London Conventions.

As a well known an author, inventor and lecturer on close up, children's and mental magic, his creations are sold by his mail order company Mark Leveridge Magic.

The E-Club Pro Live Lecture

Highlights include

3 effects from the Vintage Vault which include
a rope routine
a kids effect
a nice variation on a classic packet trick.

3 effects from the Teach In Archive which include
a utility sponge ball move that can be added to any sponge ball routine,
a smooth handling for an Oil and Water routine
a nice ring onto rope move for parlour shows.

3 effects from the Wrinkles Archive
a brand new effect which combines the El Duco Wallet with Mark's Utility Switch Envelope,
a clever variation on the card matching effect ESP Match Up
a killer new ending for the coin routine called Reality Check

3 moves are explained from the Tool Box,
one being an effective way to vanish a finger ring,
the others being classic ways to control a selected card
and to perform an effective false deck shuffle

2 questions are answered from the Advice Centre with
info on how to minimize feedback from amps
and whether it is important to keep to time when doing shows

2 stories are related from the It Could Only Happen Live section of the Archive
one concerning the time Mark apparently made a small boy disappear
and the other when he was victim of a miraculous ring off string moment

Mark will thoroughly explain all of the above material during his lecture.
He will also have a CD with explanatory links and several of his signature creations available for purchase.